Vetution, LLC. (Arabic: ڤيتيوشن) is a tech-enabled animal health and services company based in Cairo

We are a cause-driven team leading a data-driven and customer-centric company, service providing and tech-enabled business, dedicated to positively impacting the health of animals, people and the planet.

Our mission

Our mission is advancing the experience of veterinarians in learning about and buying supplies, and how animal health brands engage with their customers.

Our story

We are veterinarians with backgrounds and experience in different fields of veterinary medicine and extra-veterinary skills that serve our community.

From the very beginning, we encountered a lot of hassles because of the vast market in Egypt. We had to explore -along with learning- about the competing vendors and the pricing systems with no clue where to begin with and so we faced a lot of challenges with starting our careers as we had to spend a lot of time and set risky pace to find the trust worthy supply window to run a decent and profitable practice. We were short on information about the products because of the gap between us and the producing brands. After years of proficiency and studies, we, veterinary practitioners, medical representatives and technology-oriented experts crossed pathways together and shared our different experiences to come up with a versatile answer – That’s when Vetution emerged! Vetution marketplace is considered the first domain-driven B2B e-commerce platform that aimes to serve veterinary organizations in Egypt, with 5000+ User Veterinarian and 250+ business partner.

Advancing the experience of veterinarians in learning about and buying supplies, and how animal health brands engage with their customers at the epicenter of what we do. Founded in 2020, by Taha khodeir, Vetution aims to serve a network of veterinary practices across MENA region. The company leveraged technology to develop a transformative supply chain model and offer a solution that empowers both veterinarians and suppliers.
Vetution serves veterinary practices, offering the simplicity of dealing with one supplier, transparent pricing, on-demand delivery, and a range of value-added services. Animal health suppliers benefit from Vetution end-to-end supply chain solutions, ERP and business intelligence tools that allow them to accurately predict, monitor, and control the impact of their strategies in real-time.

What we offer

We offer a single website that acts as a one-stop shop to enable the customers to buy from the suppliers straight-away with access to the most trusted information about each product and best prices offered.

The company in general links up two different types of users;
Veterinary market suppliers who desire cost-efficient lead generation and business intelligence tools and veterinary practitioner who need to achieve the best results with decent profit among the economic challenges.

We provide the vets with:
  • Categorized searching with filters
  • Building shopping carts
  • Diversity and opportunity
  • Usage experience and reviews
  • Regular newsletter.